things I loved this week – april 8


I finally watched the documentary Happy. It’s inspiring and motivating. You’ll walk away knowing you’re in charge of your own happiness. (At least 40 percent of it.)

This dreamcatcher caught my eye on Etsy. Perfect, I think, for the baby’s nursery.

A cake made of cupcakes. So meta and so cute. (Also: completely doable.)

I actually have this simple, modern Ikea desk and love it. It’s big enough for my oversized mac monitor and sleek enough to be showcased in our home office.

Desperately seeking a ‘press for champagne‘ button. Cute and clever and yes, please.

I think maybe we overthink kabobs. But seriously – I always try too hard and end up with overcooked everything, having spent way too much time prepping. These pineapple & ham kabobs are perfectly simple.

Why I collect weekender bags like I have somewhere to go, I don’t know. But I really love this one.

These festive pom-pom frames are simple enough for kids to do as crafts and cute enough to do during a girls’ night.

This quote had me like – YES.