say it 3 times fast: diy tissue paper watercolor craft

tissue paper canvas art

I saw this idea on Pinterest – and unlike most projects I swoon over on there, this one seemed really easy and doable. Plus, I already had canvas (see: Other Projects I Thought I’d Do But Never Did) and who doesn’t have scraps of tissue paper left around?

I’m really loving watercolor prints lately – especially for the nursery – and this looked like something that a) I could create myself for next to nothing and b) would indulge my watercolor ideals

What you need:
– white canvas of desired size (mine is a 16×20)
– different colored tissue paper
– hole punch(es) of desired shape (mine is this one)
– water
– sponge brush

– punch tissue paper
– paint canvas with water
– lay tissue paper shapes onto wet canvas
– let dry, then remove tissue paper

tissue paper craft

What I figured out:
– painting canvas with water a little at a time was best; if you paint too much at once, it dries before you get to other end and you have to do it again
– lighter color tissue paper will hardly show on canvas so use more vibrant colors to get a pastel version of the color you want (the lighter blueish-violet color above barely shows on my finished product, for example)
– a drop cloth or newspaper underneath your canvas is a good idea in case tissue paper bleeds onto your surface
– your fingertips will be stained temporarily (not the worst craft side effect I’ve suffered!)
– don’t forget to wrap around the edges, if so desired
– this craft is definitely easy enough for kids to do

Bottom line:
It was easy and I love how it turned out.